Every day, we are confronted with numbers that represent shocking emotional events. Yet, these numbers are sterile. How do we relate to ‘339 drowned refugees in the Mediterranean Sea’? How can we understand the impact of that number? ‘The Moving Memento’ translates these abstract figures into tangible white stones: each stone represents an individual. Counting and arranging them is an act of gaining an understanding of the amount. The result is a physical monument and info-sculpture that gives shape to the size of the situation. It can be moved to any location where a number deserves to be expressed, empowering us to feel empathy for the beings behind it. 


The aerial photograph below displays the first implementation of the project. 339 stones lie in the courtyard of the palace of justice in Den Bosch remembrance of the average monthly victims of injustice in the Mediterranean Sea.

From January 2014, overseas migration has been causing fatalities in the Mediterranean Sea, which by May 2017 has accumulated to a death toll of 13899. More fatalities are being reported until today.