Over the course of four years, we make an average of 292.000 choices about our food and only one about our province. With the abolition of the referendum in The Netherlands, this number will most likely remain one. What if making choices about your environment was as easy as running your errands? What if you could vote on every street corner? 

Carelessly throwing your rubbish onto the street is obviously discouraged. But if it were up to Bouke Bruins and me, carelessly throwing your rubbish into the trash bin will soon be a thing of the past as well. We designed the “Bepaalbak”, a voting bin, where you vote with your trash. A question above the bin invites passers-by to ballot either for (JA) or against (NEE) a current political topic.

During the Dutch Design Week 2018, the voting bins were situated at six design-related hotspots, where visitors were confronted with a different question or statement each day. We attached sensors in the bins that counted the votes, making it possible to stream the intermediates live onto screens. The results were visually translated in a ‘physical database' on the Ketelhuisplein in Eindhoven.