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In June 2017, Daan Wubben graduated the Design Academy Eindhoven summa cum laude. This website shows how 8 years of studies have accumulated to the design methods that he currently applies.


11 years ago, Daan visited the 2006 Magnum Photo exhibition in Amsterdam. Stories that he had heard many times were portrayed here through a visual medium that spoke to him like no text had done before. Processing information through photography has inspired and driven Daan to this day.


Today, living in the epicenter of the information era, we are flooded with stories, images and data on a daily basis. The need for platforms that communicate this information in an understandable way is at an all time high.


Daan envisions a world that personally documents-, and visually communicates information. He finds that subjects don’t need to be explained in a complicated way to be understood well. We have to visualize information in a way that learning about the world around us becomes a leisure concept.


Wubben touches on serious issues by translating complex information to a visual language that is foremost understandable for himself. Through these personal research methods, he creates designs that allow people to really relate to subjects.


2009 - 2013

Sint Lucas Boxtel

Product design


2013 - 2017

Design Academy Eindhoven

Leisure/Conceptual design



Gasfabriek 3a

5613 CP Eindhoven 
The Netherlands
+316 38076970


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